Rob Hyman

Minute Melodies

Click on the play button to hear brief audio examples excerpted from some of the well-known songs that involved Rob.
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Song Performer Album Roles
"Time After Time"
Cyndi Lauper "She's So Unusual" (Epic 1983)
Grammy nominated for Song Of The Year and #1 Billboard Single, June 1984
Co-Writer, Co-Arranger, Harmony Vocal, Keyboards
"And We Danced"
The Hooters "Nervous Night" (Columbia 1985) Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Vocals, Keyboards
"St. Teresa"
Joan Osborne "Relish" (Blue Gorilla/Mercury 1995) Co-Writer, Co-Arranger, Keyboards
"Private Emotion"
Ricky Martin "Ricky Martin" (Columbia 1999) Co-Writer, Keyboards
"Day By Day"
The Hooters "Nervous Night" (Columbia 1985) Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Vocals, Keyboards
"Christmas of Love"
Little Isidore "The Grinch" Movie Soundtrack (Interscope 2000) Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Keyboards
"An Uncommon Love"
Joan Osborne, Carole King and The Chieftans "Largo" (Blue Gorilla/Polygram 1998) Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Keyboards
Dar Williams "My Better Self" (Razor and Tie 2005) Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Keyboards
"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
Cyndi Lauper "She's So Unusual" (Epic 1983) Co-Arranger, Keyboards/Solo
"One of Us"
Joan Osborne "Relish" (Blue Gorilla/Mercury 1995) Drums, Keyboards, Co-Arranger
"All You Zombies"
The Hooters "Nervous Night" (Columbia 1985) Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Vocals, Keyboards

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